Family Protect

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Family Protect

Protect what matters most with various plans available to safeguard your family in the event of an untimely death.
Personal Accident

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Personal Accident Cover

Get covered in the event of death or permanent disability caused by accidental injury that happens anywhere in the world.

This benefit is designed to cover you or your family in the event of your death or permanent disability. Get up to R100 000.00 to assist you or your family with medical bills and other costs.

Cover is limited to persons between the ages of 18 and 65 years More than one person per policy may be nominated

Scratch and Dent Protect

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Scratch & Dent Protect

Protect your car from everyday mishaps.

  • Keep your car looking new.
  • Cover is limited to R2 000 per claim with an excess of only R250.
A dent is defined as an area not exceeding 15 (fifteen) centimetres in diameter. A chip is defined as an area not exceeding 3 (three) millimetres in diameter. A scratch is defined as an area not exceeding 15 (fifteen) centimetres in length and not extending over two or more adjacent body panels. Excludes rips and tears. Cover is limited to 2 (two) claims per annum.

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Top Up Cover

Cover against credit shortfall should your car be stolen or written off.

You’ve put a great deal of capital into buying your dream car, so why face a substantial monetary loss in the event that your car is stolen or written off?

Cover is limited to R50 000. Should the payout from your underlying policy not cover the outstanding amount on the vehicle finance agreement, the top up policy will aid with settling the difference. (Excluding any applicable excesses of the underlying policy or any interest or arrears specified)

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Tyre Cover

Tyres are a costly expenditure that can apply added pressure on your wallet when you need it least.

If your tyre is damaged by hard braking, cuts, bursts or uneven road surfaces, SAU Tyre Protect assists with the cost of the repair or replacement of tyres, including valves and balancing.

Excludes wear and tear. The value of the claim is based on a percentage calculation of the remaining tread of the tyre. Subject to a 30 day waiting period

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